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Hi everyone! First post here, guessing it won't be the last!

Some background info.
I'm physically disabled and suffer from severe PTSD and social anxiety. I've always loved birds and after my therapists all agreed with me on being able to take absolute care of one on top of having a companion at home doing me lots of good, so here I am.
I've found a breeder and my Albino Tiel was born 2 days ago. When I pick it up he'll be 16 days old. I've already got all the gear and info I need on being able to take care of it, no need to worry. I'm well aware that I'll have to feed it every 3-4 hours, already know how to check Crops, have a thermometer for temperature, etc etc.
I'm adamant about hand feeding a very young bird myself to make sure we have the closest bond possible. I'm very excited.

Anyway, now for the questions.

Any advice on bonding with a baby tiel beyond feeding it? I'm mostly bed ridden and already plan on having the brooder right next to me at all times. Should/can I speak to it? Caress it? (with clean hands of course). Or do I need to wait until it's older?
When can I start asking him to step up? When can I start training him to fly to me?
Most of these questions are related to its age because Internet only feeds me information on how to train already weaned or untamed birds.

I looked a little bit on this forum and didn't see anything related to this. Apologies in advance if there is a resource somewhere that I haven't found that answers all of this.

Thank you for your time!
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