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I hsve had my bird now for 6 years and when we had him he was very tame. We got him a friend about 4 years ago and they were inseparable and the cockateil became less friendly to us. He woukd still land on us but did not tolerate being scratched

His mate passed away last night and the cockatiel seems very distressed ie calling constantly for his friend

I want to do the best for him and wonder whether I should get him a new friend

Part of me thinks he may rebond back with us if he does not get a new friend but I want to do the best for him
He needs time to grieve and will search and call for awhile but will recover. Just spend time with him, talk, whistle and just keep him close. He will come back to you. I went through this and can't remember exactly how long it took but my boy came to love me again and constantly begged for scratches.
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