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Genetic Question. What are my birds, truly?

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I bought a pair of Cockatiels that I know nothing about other than what I can see. I've raised birds for years, but also been out a few years. I purchased a heavy pied male and a whiteface/Pied hen. The first clutch, my only baby came out as a Cinnamon pearl and my first baby from the second clutch, only 4 weeks apart, appears to be a whiteface mutation. It has solid white down. So, my question is, what do I have? He is obviously Pied and it's a given that he hold both the pearl and the cinnamon genes, but is he also split to WF? I mean, he would have to be wouldn't he? Also, what are my other possible chick mutations? I was expecting nothing more than grays and pieds, i've already been pleasantly surprised!
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So you would call him a pied split to cinnamon, pearl, and whiteface.

and yes it is possible to get WF cinnamon variations ( would be females) from them.
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