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Dooby has been particularly horrible today, I mean so bad that I've kept him in his cage all day!! I went to let him out this morning and he just attacked me, full on. Biting and scratching whatever he could reach, so he has been confined to his cage. I think he is mega grumpy because we were very late home last night, around midnight, and he was up again this morning around 6.00a.m. So, he's having an early night tonight. Anyway, whilst he has been sat in his cage, contemplating the error of his ways, this little poem sprang to mind, it's written so as to come from him...

From a Cockatiel.

I know you love me
You look after me well
Give me fresh water
And peanuts to shell

You know I love you
In my own special way
I whistle and talk
All through the day

I know you love me
You tell me you do
You let me fly free
And then sit on you

You know I love you
But there’s something within
That just won’t let me
Stop shredding your skin!!
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