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Hi everyone
I really need some advice on my 4-year-old cockatiel Robin, who I've had since a chick. He is my only bird. I hand-reared him and he was always super sweet and gentle, he's never really been confident or adventurous, he is quite timid in nature.

Although at about 1 1/2 years old he started trusting me less. I must admit that this was probably my fault as I didn't let him out of his cage much when he learnt to fly, and I'm away a lot during the day because of school. He is very hand-shy now and is hesitant of me when I try to pet him even though I raised him. Whenever I take him out of his cage he either just sits on top of the cage pruning himself or he will fall asleep on my curtain rod.

He is even scared of some of his toys and is only curious about a few things like paper, he won't even bathe himself which I hear is usually something birds love and he doesn't like to try new food or treats either. He doesn't often like to explore and is very hesitant of new things (eg. I got him a swing about a year ago and he still hasn't touched it) So as you can see, he is quite shy.

He has never been super aggressive towards me, he has nipped me once or twice but otherwise, he's really gentle and even gives me kisses through the cage. He whistles to me, responds when I call his name, he sometimes bows when he greets me which is super cute and occasionally copies my yawns; but he won't let me pet him, is very scared when he sits on my hand and will barely ever take treats from me.

I have recently been trying to let him out of his cage as often as I can. I've tried to be patient and followed the guidelines on the internet about trying to slowly get him to trust me by giving him treats and things like that but it never seems to work. It's really hard to teach him to trust me because of him not being curious of much and being so skittish.

I know that he loves being pet but he's just become frightful. I don't know how to show him that he can still trust me.
Please help
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