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Hai hai~ I'm new to this website and the community but definitely not new to keeping tiels <3

I have with me a lutino pearl named Lui (who I honestly still have no idea what the gender is after 3 years and pfftt I've never gotten him sexed out yet so lets just stick to "he" lol )

He's very clingy and has seperation issues and only feels comfortable in my room if he's not with me. He's super clingy and will not shut up if I leave him in his cage which is actually outside (its in a good spot where he can get fresh air and natural sunlight while also being high up so cats can't get to him)

So I was thinking maybe I could just turn my entire room into a biiiiiiig "cage" for him. Now while I do have a ceiling fan, I don't have it turned on for his safety and instead just use the AC.

My plan is to :

1. Drill perches and branches into the walls at different height levels
2. Turn the entire top part of my wardrobe into a play pen and food area

With this, I was thinking Lui might feel happier to have many places in my room he can claim as his own and just well, live in it like he's the boss instead of having to sit in his crummy cage outside most of the time (cause its a little annoying to get him out all the time)

I'm not entirely sure if this is a good idea though so I was wondering if I could get opinions on it and maybe even advice on how to drill the branches/perches in and what things I can add. Here's a few pictures of how I hope it turns out!

Basically my whole idea is

1. No more cages while in the house (especially my room)
2. He can decide to do whatever he wants in my room and rest assured I'm always "there" so his separation anxiety is managed and
3. He has freedom to a large space to exercise and play and chill and live his own little grumpy life sksksk

I dont mind the mess since he's just 1 bird (I've tried to get him to mingle with other birds before but I think he prefers me over them-) so I can definitely spot clean the poop areas he will most likely prefer to hang around
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