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FOUND: WA, Spokane Valley June 21st 08

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Posted by: "Ann" [email protected] stapl2002
Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:17 am (PDT)
Found Cockatiel (Spokane Valley)
Reply to: comm-728227329 (AT)
Date: 2008-Jun-21, 10:33PM PDT

Well I guess I didnt really find it. It found me...flew right at me
and luckily I am a bird person so it is safe, fed, and warm tonight. I
am south of Sprague near University Rd. Please be able to identify
totaly. Age, sex, color, size, band, where lost, etc.

I will not be giving this little one do not bother
contacting me for a good home.

I want to find its people, Im sure somone is missing it. Thanks.

* Location: Spokane Valley

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