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Posted by: "Gail" [email protected] ruebeewren
Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:43 pm (PDT)

(Alexandria, Va.)

Found Cockatiel - Alexandria, Virginia - June 8, 2008

Found a male cockatiel on June 8, 2008 on bike path in Alexandria, Va. He is a normal grey(charcoal grey with white stripes on his wings, has a yellow head with large orange spots.)

He has an orange metal band on his leg. The first letters are BC on the band. He is a VERY SWEET bird and sits on your shoulder. He will peck like a woodpecker if you do not pet him. He likes to peck at your mouth as though he is expecting food or something. Please e-mail a photo if you think he is yours.

ckaplan at potomacschool dot org
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