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FOUND: PA, Derby Sept 07

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Posted by: "featherdfriend_us" [email protected] featherdfriend_us
Tue Jul 1, 2008 5:36 pm (PDT)
I am still fostering 2 male cockatiels from Toms River New Jersey area
they are both normal greys June and Sept 2007, in addition I am
fostering one female normal grey from Takoma Park Maryland area she is
banded August of 2007, one male from Darby Pa area September 2007, one
male from Howard County Md. May 2008 area and one male from
Conshohocken Pa May of 2007,area they are all normal grey males and
they were found between June to September of 2007 Please feel free to
email with questions and pictures would be nice if you have any.
Would love to see these little ones find their families, if not they
will remain here with much love, they are all very personable in their
own way.
My email address is [featheredfriend (AT)].

Sorry to say that neither of the males from Toms River New Jersey are
Paulie the reported lost cockatiel from Toms River.
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