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bird: Cockatiel
Date of Posting May 21. 2008
Highland Falls, NY
[email protected] net
lia (AT) matthewshome. net
A cockatiel was found at West Point Military Academy yesterday
morning. Very friendly, does not look like it's been out for a long
time - probably had just gotten out when found. Please contact me with
full description (color, traits, banded/not banded, where yours was
lost, etc.) This et is not for adoption and only leaving to be re-

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A very friendly cockatiel was found yesterday at West Point, NY near Hudson River. Please email with full description if yours disappeared in this area. It is in good health and does not seem to have been out for long before perching on a USMA Cadet... [lia [at] matthewshome. net]

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http://hudsonvalley .craigslist. org/pet/68872854 3.html
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