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FOUND COCKATIEL (Jones and Tropical)Reply to:
[email protected] craigslist. org

<mailto:[email protected] craigslist. org?subject=FOUND% 20COCKATIEL% 20(Jones\
%20and%20Tropical) > [comm-676558740 (AT)]
Date: 2008-May-11, 12:38PM PDT

At around 11:00 am I noticed a cockatiel out in my back yard.
I was able to lure it in with my own cockatiels. It is yellow and
grey looks like a female. Please contact me if this is your bird.
I know someone's heart out there is probably breaking. My name
is Tresela and can be reached at any hour. Location is Northwest.
Cross streets would be Jones and Tropical. Thank you and I will
take extra great care of it until further notice.

#(702)556-4879 Location:
Jones and Tropical
xposted from Las Vegas Craigslist by 'Oscarbud2'
http://lasvegas. craigslist. org/pet/67655874 0.html
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