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Posted by: "t6e20r" [email protected] t6e20r
Thu May 22, 2008 6:53 am (PDT)
Reply to: [email protected] [neos.alter.ego (AT)]
Date: 2008-May-17, 6:28PM
Cockatiel, has purple plastic band on right leg.

In very good health, quite friendly. Seems to enjoy sitting on
people's chests, and is especially fond of hoop-style earrings and
bright gold/silver rings.

If you have lost a bird matching this description, please contact
either Fiona at 651-295-3937 or Jason at 651-271-2210. We can also be
reached at 651-291-1273. E-mail is also okay, but will not be checked
during the workday.

In the meantime, the bird is safe at my parents' home in Minneapolis
with a cage, food, water, and playthings. We want to find him (?) his
(?) home and rightful owners!

Location: West 7th Neighborhood

(xposted Craig's List)
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