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BIRDS FOUND: Cockatiel
Found: Fitchburg, MA on 6/23/08

Found on June 18th.

Posts on this thread, including this one
Birds Found: Cockatiel, 6/23/08, Found: Fitchburg, MA.
http://tinyurl. com/5ngjja

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
Sent for more info and notified...
LOST: MA, Sturbridge, Cockatiel, "Marley" Mar.21.08
LOST: MA, Framingham, Cockatiel (wht/ylw) "Anja", July 28.07
LOST: MA, Billerica, Cockatiel "Swan", Jun 10.08
LOST: MA, Belchertown, White Cockatiel, Jun 13.08
LOST: MA, Millbury, Cockatiel "Sunshine" (Ylw/Gry), May 22.08
LOST: MA, Brighton, Cockatiel "Chico", June 17, 08
LOST: MA, Northbridge, Cockatiel "Sweety" Jun.15.08
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