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Posted by: "Izzy's Mom" [email protected] krismicahgraciej
Sat Jun 7, 2008 10:38 am (PDT)
A bird and I found each other today.

Reply to: comm-698995462(AT)
Date: 2008-05-28, 8:59PM

Hello. I found a bird, obviously someones' house pet. The bird was
caught on Day Avenue in East Longmeadow, in the neighborhood behind
Heritage park. The feathered friend is safe and sound. If you can
tell me what kind of bird it is, as well as the coloring, markings
and gender, then the bird belongs to you. I don't want the bird going
to someone who it doesn't belong to. Please call me at 413-218-4422
if you or someone you know lost their beloved flying pet. My name is
Jay. Thank you.

Location: East Longmeadow

Original URL:

**911PA volunteer contacted above and it is indeed a cockatiel. Is
in good hands now with finder's aunt who is a bird person. East
Longmeadow on border of CT. "Panera's" people notified (Hartford, CT
23 miles from site).
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