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Posted by: "t6e20r" [email protected] t6e20r
Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:07 am (PDT)
found cockatiel
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Date: 2008-June-24, 9:51PM

found an older? bird. seems tame enough. was starved and scared when found so it must of been out for awhile. but it is ok now. we have had it for a week and still have not found the owner. it does well with my other birds and me which leads me to believe it is someones pet. if you think it might be yours, please e-mail me with color, aprox age, and sex of bird. i would love to return it to you but if i cannot find the owner, i will keep it. if this is your bird and you just got tired of it and set it loose, shame on you. it was VERY lucky to have survived. you could have donated it to a pet shop like Bird Lovers in Spokane and they would of found a new home for it.

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