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Posted by: "Lorretta Wikstrom" [email protected] lorrettawikstrom
Thu May 15, 2008 6:35 am (PDT)
A very friendly cockatiel I found in my tree in the back yard. this
bird is registered and banded person who supplies me with the band
number will have their beloved bird back. It is very tame loves to
have his neck scratched. wants to always be on someone preferably the
top of thier head. He hasn't spoken or anything yet. but does alot of
chirping and whistling to get our attention if we ignore him.

When Date: 5-13-08
Gender: Male
Breed: Cockatiel
Age: ?
Coloring: Grey orange/white

Phone: 407-348-4413

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
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