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A Lutino Cockatiel was found at 35th and Tejon in Denver. There is a
band. It was very hungry when she found it and appears healthy but a
bit malnourished. It steps up and is alert and friendly. Call to

Contact Info:
The Birdbrain
303.446 BIRD(2473) or 303.629.5800


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Found Cockatiel NW Denver 6:30 pm (36th and Tejon)

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-Apr-24, 7:09PM MDT

A beautiful bird perched on the decorative glass above my front
door...we will be contacting the Gabriel Foundation to figure out
what to do. The bird has a breeder ID bracelet. If it's yours, please

Location: 36th and Tejon

Xposted from denver
by 911PA volunteer

**Please DO NOT CLICK REPLY. Respond through email address posted
above. THANKS!!!!**
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