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FOUND: CA, Santa Rosa/Bennett Valley May 15th 08

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Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Thu May 29, 2008 10:57 am (PDT)
Lost Cockatiel Found (santa rosa)
Reply to: comm-695804528 [AT]
Date: 2008-May-26, 1:18PM PDT

Yellow and Grey Cockatiel with Coral spots on cheeks, very socialized
and friendly. Likes perching on people (heads and shoulders), and
seems as though he is used to being out of the cage on a regular
basis. Also seems accustomed to other animals (we have a dog).
Flew into our yard two weeks ago, in outer Bennett Valley near Fire
Station and Matanzas Creek winery. We cannot keep the bird, and hope
to find his original family, or loving home. Please email Christina if
he sounds familiar or if you want to give him a nice place to live.
Please describe the bird.

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