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Corr City FOUND: CA, Santa Clara, Cockatiel, Feb.07.08
Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Fri Mar 7, 2008 11:51 am (PST)
Found Cockatiel (san jose north)
Reply to: [email protected]
Email: kittenfriend2007 (AT)
Date: 2008-Mar-06, 7:08PM PST

I found a cockatiel February 7th, 2008. Location was Central and
Bowers in Santa Clara. If you have lost your bird please feel free to
email me with any markings the bird may have, if the bird has a any
limbs missing or a leg tag and if the bird sings or not. Any info. may
help so I may help you. Also a pic may be the easiest way for me to
see if this bird is yours. I just don't want someone very sad out
there missing their baby and me keeping it for myself. I would love to
keep the bird but it is always best to try to find it's owner first. I
know I would want the same if I lost a baby of mine. Best of luck to you.
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FOUND: CA, San Jose, Cockatiel, Feb.07.08

I found a cockatiel Febuary 7, 2008. I found the bird at Bowers and
Central. The bird is friendly but a bit bitey. The bird does sing well
and does have some markings that if it's your bird would truly help by
telling me, also if any limbs are missing would be good to say. Let me
also know if the bird has tags at all.
Email: kittenfriend2007 (AT)

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