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Don't know if this has been posted to 911parrotalert, but here is a
blog on a found cockatiel in Los Angeles.
http://www.laobserv 2008/04/in_ other_bird_ news_1.php

In other bird news
Jenny Burman • Bio • Email

A pair of fowl -- but fair -- reports made their way to Chicken
Corner this week. The first is a tale of two cockatiels. The second,
our most recent correspondence from Chicken Corner's water fowl

Suzi Rogers, who lives in Echo Park and is known to many as the
Edendale Library Friends Society's book sale manager, sent me this
Echo Park bird story:

Last week a friend who lives in the Pico/Union area mentioned that
she had found a gray cockatiel walking around her yard. Since many
cats, including hers, hang out in said yard, she gathered it up in a
box. Being a computer geek she immediately went on-line to see if
anyone was looking for their pet cockatiel and low and behold a guy
in Silverlake had just lost his beloved cockatiel "Cleo". He came
right over to pick up the bird but alas, it was not his Cleo. He felt
terribly let down and my friend was embarrassed and upset.

[Then, Wednesday] after a long afternoon of selling used books at the
Edendale Library, I decided to just stop off at our local Vons
(Alvarado and Montana) and get something for dinner. Coming out of
the store, in the parking lot, walking towards my car, was a yellow
cockatiel! I picked it up and it pecked me a few times but stayed
very still on the floor of my car on the ride home. I put it in a box
and called my friend. She still had the guy 's phone # so I called
him. He was just going to work (he's a nurse at Children's Hospital
on Sunset) so he asked if we could bring the bird to the hospital.

My husband took the box, with bird, to the hospital after dinner and
to our great delight it was indeed his beloved Cleo. So my bird karma
is at an all time high! Meanwhile, the gray cockatiel was taken first
to the Pasadena Animal Shelter, which refused the bird because it was
not found in Pasadena. Then it went to Lacy Street, which promised
that they do not kill birds. They said the cockatiel will go to a
relief aviary if its guardian does not turn up.

Subject: Found Bird
From: Travis Longcore <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2008 12:22 am
To: [email protected]

Note ... addr and phone number of shelter mentioned:
Los Angeles North Central Shelter
3201 Lacy Street, LA
(888) 452-7381
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