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FOUND: CA, Belmont - Cockatiel - Apr.14.08

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Found in Belmont- One Lost Cockateil (belmont) SEE PHOTO
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[email protected] craigslist. org
<mailto:comm- 648921259 (AT) subject=Found% 20in%20Belmont- %20On\
e%20Lost%20Cockatei l%20%28belmont% 29>
Date: 2008-Apr-19, 8:16PM PDT

This past Monday the 14th a cockateil landed on my 3rd story apartment
balcony in Belmont. I believe it to be a female (judging by it's color
pattern, but i'm no expert) and its wings are clipped which lead me to
believe it is from somewhere nearby the belmont area. It can't fly very
far or for long distances with clipped wings so it's only logical. The
cockateil is very friendly and seems to be somebodies lost pet, as i
caught by simply sticking out my finger and letting it climb up to my
shoulder from my balcony railing. If you have lost a cockateil recently
within the past week or so please contact me and i will respond as soon
as possible. I would love to keep this bird, but my building has a
strict no pets policy.

Thank you,
http://sfbay. craigslist. org/pen/pet/ 648921259. html

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