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FOUND: AZ, Mesa, Cockatiel Nov.11, 07
Posted by: "Judy" [email protected] judy_911parrotalert
Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:04 pm (PST)
Hi, I am a bird. My coloring is 'other'. I was found before Sunday November 11th, 2007, in or near the zipcode 85208. If you have lost me, please call (480)216-4762 or e-mail [email protected].

Species: Bird
Breed: [Cockatiel]
Color: Other and Other
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Zip Code Found In: 85208
Date Posted: Sunday November 11th, 2007
Contact: (480)216-4762 or az6gunner (AT)
Description Cockatiel found near Southern & Crismon, East Mesa.

**Please do not click reply. The poster of this ad is NOT the finder.
Call the finder at the number above.

** Report any info learned about this found Cockatiel to:
[help (AT)]

xpost azcentral -

(7174) Parrot

East Mesa, Arizona . . .


Parrot/Cockatiel came to visit us Sunday Nov. 11, 2007. Southern and Crismon vicinity. Wants to go home now. (480) 216-4762 [email protected]

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