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FOUND: AZ, Phoenix, Cockatiel (banded) Jan 3, 08 posted
Posted by: "Judy" [email protected] judy_911parrotalert
Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:59 pm (PST)
Hi, I am a female bird. I was found before Thursday January 3rd,
2008, in or near the zipcode 85022. If you have lost me, please call

well i lost my baby zena (cockatail) on christmas day, zena flew
away, shes tamed, yellow, n white, well today i went to the exotic
birds store on 7 st n greenway, explained to the employee of what had
happened, she sd well mike found a cockatail about a month ago shes
gray n white, so i went over mikes house, it was not zena, so i asked
him if i could keep until somoen calls for her just because ive missed zena so much, so thats the story , i have the gray n white cockatail she has a tag (band number on file with 911PA).

Color Other and Other
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Zip code Found In 85022
Date Posted Thursday January 3rd, 2008
Contact (602)348-9839

**Please do not click reply. The poster of this ad is NOT the finder.
Call the finder at the number above.

** Report any info learned about this found parrot to:
[help (AT)]

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