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FOUND: AL, Birmingham, Cockatiel (banded), May.13.08

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Hello from Birmingham, Alabama.

The local Petco pet store has contacted me they have had a female
cockatiel turned in to them. It was found in the Publix grocery store
parking lot on Hwy 280 East. She is gray, white tipped wings, peach
cheeks, and barely, barley yellow visible in the gray feathers on top of
her head. She is banded. She is very sweet and will step-up and loves
sitting on a shoulder.

The Petco store is located on Hwy 280 also.

Sadly, this was not my Patience that has been away for 5 days. The
second day Patience flew the coop, she would answer my calls in the
woods in our cul-de-sac, but I was never able to see her.

Please post this in case anyone else is missing their beloved.

Thanks, Beth

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