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**See the cockatiel's pic in the 911PA photo album (FL-Found)
at this link: http://tinyurl. com/55j9cm

Country: USA
State: Florida
City: West Palm Beach
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Dark Grey
Date Found: May 1
Location Found (streets): Summit and Parker Avenues
Zip Code Found: 33405
Banded?: no
Checked for Microchip with vet?: No
Common Saying: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: orange cheeks, small bits of yellow
behind head, yellow strips under tail feathers
Medical Issues Observed: none
Finder Name: Eileen
Finder Phone: 561-252-8292
Finder Email: etness (AT)
Comments: I have posted this here before and in the paper and craigs
list. People have called, but no connection. I am moving soon and
cannot care for this bird much longer. I need someone from 911
parrot to foster this bird. I am leery of people who have called
from my ad saying they are cockatiel rescue centers.


Subject: still found
From: Eileen Tague <[email protected] net>
Date: Mon, May 12, 2008 1:26 pm
To: [email protected]

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