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Floyd's DNA results are here!

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I didn't want to post that I was DNA sexing Floyd last week to keep you all waiting so I thought it would be better just to post all at once


The results are........

Floyd is female!

So now I have a boy and a girl. Her new name is Sidney. I promised Nathan (Kirby) that if her DNA did come back female that I would get a nestbox and breed. I'm researching breeding as of now, and I think I will parentfeed as I probably wont have time to handfeed. I will handle them a lot though.
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You might be the first Talk Cockatiels parent!! :p I hope everything goes well for you.
:p Thanks! They would be beautiful babies. I have a feeling Rigby is pied as well... he's got a yellow dot on his wing and a yellow necklace around his neck. And some of his tailfeathers have a yellow side and a white side.
Hopefully he is! :D Then youd get pieds! ;) Im so excited you have a male and female. I wish i had that... :( lol

I'm in the process of getting a nest box. Possibly tomorrow I will go to a petstore and pick out a nest box. I'm so excited :D I really want to see their babies.
Be sure to start a Rigby and Sidney breeding journal. ;)
I sure will. ;) They are still in the bonding stage, but they will eat side by side and will sit on the same perch together sometimes. I think I'm going to buy a spiral notebook for them and write down in that and copy what I write and start a thread here.
good luck with the breeding they are both beautiful cockatiels can't wait to see what the babies look like, I am sure they will be cuties ;)
Good luck. Did you get the nextbox? if not make one. All you need is square/ rectangle shaped wooden box with a concave in the bottem. The bigger the better aswell so the babies will have lots of room to grow.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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