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Hello everyone! My cockatiel laid her first egg 2 days ago. She is about 2,5 years old, she is the only bird that we have and hasn't had a male, so the egg is unfertilised. During the day, she doesn't care almost at all about the egg, but in the evening she gets very protective and doesn't want to get out of the cage and keeps protecting the egg. I found it strange, that it was just one egg, and thought that maybe she could have got egg bounded, but she didn't manifest any symptoms, her breathing is regular, her droppings are normal and she behaves as always, but has a abnormal formation near her cloaca. I don't have any idea how to proceed now, I support her with nutrients, but I don't know what to do with the egg, and if she is going to lay any other ones.
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UPD 1: She has laid another one, came out with some little bloody marks, but she seems ok, her breathing is normal and she doesn't seem very stressed, just very protective.
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