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First Cockatiel!

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My name is Suzanne and I am from North Carolina. Today I went to a Reptile and Exotic Pet Expo and took home my very first Cockatiel! I already have two budgies but I want a larger bird. I figured why not go with the next step up:) My cockatiel is a little over three weeks old and he name is Zoe. I have to hand feed her for about another month. I have never hand fed a bird before but I have experience doing it with reptiles. I have been doing a lot of research on hand feeding and I believe I am well prepared. I look forward to raising Zoe and I am so glad I have this forum to help me along the way.
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Welcome to the forums Suzanne. :D I have a bird called Zoe also. Good luck with your little girl, you've been given some good advice in your other threads. Do you have any photos of Zoe. Trust me, you want to be taking lots because they grow like weeds, and they're only little babies once. ;)
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