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No matter how much research and preparing for if this situation ever occurred, I can't explain just how terrified I was to see the blood coming from under my baby's wing. Got my mum on the phone to the vets while i'm crying but trying to check what was going on. There is only one avian vet specialist in the north west of england and the secretary advised we try to clot the bleeding as the vet won't be in until later. So there's me with cotton wool applied to his feather getting the poor bird wet with my tears and he's rubbing his head along my nose and mumbling "i love you" to me. I honestly adore my little Buddy and I don't know what I'd do if I lost him. I just want to check I did everything right and if there's anything else I should do to help? Currently just sitting with him on my chest to keep him-... and me calm.
Emily :pied:
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