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I’ve had Oni for about 4-5 months now, and she’s around 9 months old. When I first got her and she was a baby, she was obviously pretty quiet. I moved into my apartment for college about a month ago. I have three roommates so Oni stays in my room with me.

I’m concerned because she is constantly screaming. I helped take care of another baby cockatiel last year (who was most likely male) so even though I’m obviously not a bird pro, I’ve had experience in raising them and I know the importance of not training them to think that screaming gets them attention. But despite me trying to do that, she keeps screaming. I am home for the majority of the day, and I usually have her out with me, but even then she’ll scream. If I put her in her cage and stay in the room, she’ll pace and scream. If I leave the room and she knows I’m still in the house, she’ll scream super loud. I’m doing my best to ignore her when this happens but it is difficult when I live with 3 other people because sometimes I just have to take her out to get her to stop.

She has a big cage with plenty of toys, and when I’m not in the room I play music for her. I also make sure she gets covered for at least 14 hours of undisturbed sleep because she wanted to make some babies during the summer (she has since not shown this behavior).

I have her registered as an emotional support animal but the screaming gives me so much anxiety. It is difficult for me to get work done in my room and I worry about my roommates complaining. Can anybody offer any advice? Would moving be causing her this anxiety or is it the constant want to be with me? How can I fix this behavior? Thank you.
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