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hi all,

after incubating eggs for 3 weeks 1 came out with the potential of 1 more out of the 4 eggs comming out. The other 2 did not contain life. During the incubating period I was so impressed at how good the male and female divided the incubating time. But since the first egg came out the female only comes out for max 2 times a day and then just 10 minutes for some food and a poo. Sometimes it’s just a big poo sometimes it comes out in a explosive way. According to the vet stress diarrhea no parasites or bacteria were found. They are still sitting on the other 3 eggs. Last egg was layed On the 7th of June. Should I stimulate her to come out more? Or is this okay behavior?
They are very good in taking care of the baby by the way. they often feed the chick together which is really fun to see.
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