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Hi all,
I have a baby that hatch a few days ago and seems to be travelling along well (I think). I'm following the feeding instructions on the formula packet where it says to start off with a thin consistency and then to slowly thicken it over 48hours. Digestion seemed to be happening quickly on the thinner formula (makes sense) but it's slower as I've thickened it (also makes sense). I guess my worry is the crop getting sour which seems common in these guys. It isn't moving as quickly as I'd like now so the crop still looks pretty full when I come back for feeds. It's happy to take more food after 2 hours but I don't want to stretch the crop or cause impaction/sour crop by adding to it if its not digesting right. The crop was empty this morning after a break but that was on a thinner formula. Its on 2 hour feeds, taking a good amount in, active and growing.
Im using Vetafarm Neocare and its having about 1ml before stopping (still a bit of food in crop). Should I go back to the thinner consistency or am I worrying about nothing? Would be great if anyone who uses this food and can give me an idea on how much formula to water you use if it's different to that packet (relative to the age). Don't want to make it too watering so it's not getting enough nutrients.
Just to add, the crop feels nice and soft, doesn't look like its drooping low and its pooping normally. I also realise I've taken on a massive task but don't have any other option! Thanks :)
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