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Explanation please... Or pictures

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So I'm still trying to identify Echo's mutation, strange as it sounds I've spent the past seven years showing guinea pigs, so I have a good idea of the show scene and how the various mutations are meant to work. But no offence to those who do show their tiels, but the breed names are extraordinarily confusing at least with the guinea pigs world wide each different variety had only one name LOL.

So can someone please explain the difference between the silver, the pastel silver, the platinum, the cinnamon, the pewter and the fallow?

I can't get good enough pictures of Echo to make his colouring really obvious so you guys'll have to put up with a description. He's a white face with a grey beak and feet, his eyes are solid black. He's also split to pied if that helps at all (small patch of white feathers on the back of his neck) He's an incredibly pale grey, so pale that it can hard to distinguish white feathers from grey. His wings are darker then his belly though that's not saying much. His wings could be slightly brown, there more of a warm grey then a cool grey. So what would he be? I've been told he's a silver, a pastel silver, a platinum and a fallow before. But I'd like to know his mutation so i can actually tell people what he is when they ask LOL.
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