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Hi All we pulled the babies 21 days from the nest in evening.
we noticed one had quiet and enlarged crop, the bird was larger than its siblings so we put it down to over feeding and did not think much more of it. The next morning it’s crop did not feel fully emptied. We feed it a 5mg thinking its mother may of over feed it the night before.12:30, 5:30&11:00 feed same thing, 83gm baby.
Next day it was not fully emptied so we know something was not right.
we started researching problems etc. the crop was soft not hard so figured perhaps a sour crop, Did the upside down method to empty. And feed smaller amounts for two days 5ml 5x5 with a bit of organic apple purée. Baby seemed to be picking up and becoming more active again, crop was empty one morning the next had about 1ml in ( but crop still looked very stretched. We started to increase feed a little at a time and lengthen feeds. Got to around 7ml in coming days and back to 4x feeds a day. Crop seemed to be getting fuller and baby quieter. More research and realised I should of probably put a crop bra on after first time emptying.
We emptied baby again I believe fully this time as crop is now flatWe have put a crop bra on. And feed her 5ml with apple sauce and more watery Formula. Any advice from would be great.
How often to feed her? How often should we take bra of to check properly or to we leave it on for a week?
How long with the apple sauce?
We have bird antibiotics that go in drink water from a previous injury of her mother’s should I mix a small amount in with her food?
I have seen people say mix yoghurt with there food, what yogurt exactly?
What are her chances?
Any advice please?
We live rural and Vet is not possible?
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