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Emergency!!!!! 5 month old tiel bleeding under tail

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Help! I am freaking out. Maggie was on a window perch and I went into the kitchen. I heard her flap to the ground but did not see how she landed. I picked her up and she dripped blood on my hand. She came with her wings clipped so she does not know how to fly yet. Because of this, when she tries to fly she goes backwards and no longer has tail feathers due to crash landings. Breeder told me that after her first molt she will be able to fly. Anyways, I cannot tell if this is a broken blood feather or much much worse 😭 she is acting normal- preening on my hand now. We put flour on the area and bleeding has slowed/ stopped. She pooped and it was solid/ normal with no blood. What should I do?! We live in a small town an hour away from a vet with no emergency option


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Just saw this. How is your baby doing? Same thing happened to one of my babies. I took him to vet. He was glued to “stitch” him up. Vet said that she didn’t recommend me clipping wings until he was use to flying. He did fall again and bled again. I took him to groomer and made it stop with the powder for bird injuries. He also told me to buy the liquid bandaid just in case. He did bleed again and again I put powder. Didn’t have to use the liquid bandaid. Hope your baby is doing better.
She is doing well! After the scab came off, she actually had a pretty big laceration. No stitches needed but they gave me an ointment to put on it to help her heal. She tried to fly this morning and cracked open the scab again 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I put her ointment on and then a flight suit to keep her from picking at it. She is doing so much better though! Thanks for asking :)
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