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(13535) Cockatiel

Tucson, Arizona . . . Bubba

June 29, 2008

Male Cockatiel with ATTITUDE! This bird belongs to my niece and
USUALLY only allows her to hold him. He flew out the bathroom window.
He says "pretty bird" (only when he wants to)And whistles that one
whistle that all the birds whistle. He is grey with bright yellow
head and rosie red know...looks just like most male
cockatiels. Please call if you have seen or hope fully catch this
bird.520- 271-7769 [email protected]
queenwitchheather( AT)yahoo. com

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LOST: AZ, Tucson, Cockatiel, Jun.29.08 posted

Lost Cockatiel (SE)

Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-737144677( AT)craigslist. org]
Date: 2008-06-29, 3:30PM MST

We have a very sad girl. Her bird flew out the house. It is a male
cockatiel. He will only go to her USUALLY. If anyone sees or catches
this bird please call 520-271-7769

Location: SE

http://tucson. craigslist. org/laf/73714467 7.html

(The owner has been emailed.)

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Help Little Girls bird flew Away (SE)

Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-737123715( AT)craigslist. org]
Date: 2008-06-29, 3:09PM MST

My neice's male cockatiel flew out of the house. Obviously does not
have his wings clipped. The bird is very attatched and usualy only will let her hold him. If anyone sees or hopefully catches this bird please call 520-271-7769 Thank You

(A picture of this cockatiel is on this CL posting.)

Location: SE

http://tucson. craigslist. org/pet/73712371 5.html
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