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I have talked to this finder and she is willing to let us look for the original owner before rehoming this bird. Terry

"That would be great. What information do you need? He had no tags, has normal coloring (grey, yellow head, orange cheeks. When we got him, he liked to fly to the table and eat off our plates (we trained him not to do that), so I think he was a loved pet. Nothing more specific than that, I'm afraid. Please let me know if you have anything ASAP as we're getting ready to give him away to someone."

Crazy Legs Cockatiel needs new home (Lower East Side)

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Date: 2008-Jun-05, 9:27PM EDT

Birdie (aka Panda Bear Crazy Legs) the Cockatiel needs a new home. We
adopted him three years ago after he was found fluttering around Socrates Sculpture
park. The kids and I love him, but my anti-avian husband has finally put his
foot down -- no more Birdie. We think Birdie is about 4 or 5 years old, he
can whistle the first few bars of the Bridge over River Kwai theme, and he
loves hanging out on your shoulder and being part of the action. My husband
hates the fact that he has feathers and squawks. He is hand-tamed and likes to be
scratched on the head, once he gets to know you (the bird, not the husband).
If you can deal with feathers and the occasional squawks, and have the time
to talk to and hang out with Birdie, or better yet, have another bird, this
is the pet for you. You'll never have to walk him at 2 am. Guaranteed.

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