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Email, FOUND: CA, San Jose South - Cockatiel - Apr 20.08

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South San Jose
Cockatiel found Silvercreek near JFS Elementary.

Friendly. 04.20.2008 Found

Jenna: [email protected] com [sjsuchica (AT)]


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FOUND: CA, San Jose South - Cockatiel - Apr 20.08

Found Cockatiel in the Silver Creek Area (san jose south)
Reply to: comm-651878829 (AT)
Date: 2008-Apr-22, 9:23AM PDT

Cockatiel found last weekend in the Silvercreek Area near JFS
Elementary School. If you are missing your bird, please send a
picture or description. Color? Wings clipped? Thanks!

http://sfbay. craigslist. org/sby/laf/ 651878829. html
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