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I've made this thread for Elijahfan to post her trials and tribulations in training her baby tiel. We can all add our bits of advice in this thread as and when she needs them. I think this will be better than having so many threads with so much advice everywhere. I'm finding it difficult to see what thread I posted whatever in!! Hope this helps you Elijafan.
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thank you :D after last night considering selling now named jo jo, i was so upset i thought that a bite is better than losing her alltogether, hopefully i will be able to work with her and eveyrone on here,

this morning was suprising to say the least, she didnt bite just steped up and played with my bracelts, i will see if i can get the on film for yas all,

maybe it was me who needed to change not her,
toke a while but it droped :D i will do some pics with her laster if my camra decideds to work for me lol

all i need to do now is work out how get her off me lol, she loves my braclets,
ok we have got over the biting will step up 9 times out of 10, this i shall from relaxing

but i cant get her off my shoulder, i use millet to bribe her down but if i put my hand up to get her she moves, she eat my glasses i have said no and put my hand up to get her down but its proving tricky, has anyone got tips on how to stop this ?

her breeder ust to let her do it so looks like a cycle i need to break
thank you, i tried blocking it with millet ? i am a bit worried about using my hand, but i don't get her down, and praise her and reward her with millet when she does come down,

yes i always have some millet in my hand while she is out, right or wrong it helps
yeah never looked at i that way, hand it is then just hope she doesnt bite, but then i use my ahnd by getting her to step up away in the end she will fly, i dont liek getting in the way but i try and get her down
this morning well what can i say, my b/f stayed over last night so i don't get her out, as he was a new face i wanted her to get st to him first, so this morning she was begging to get out and i mean begging, so i got her out left her on her perch and was chatting ot david, said she can be a bit stubborn and not come when you call her, so i put my arm up and said "jo jo come to mummy" net thing i know i have a cockatiel flying at me,landed on my arm :D net stop my shoulder i tried to stop her but she made it up there

so i asked said to get her down, he put his hand out take a few seconds or so but she got up on him, then went to his shoulder lol then his head well, i got her down straight away, but i was surprised she actually came when she was called :D
wow really ? looks like relaxing and backing off a bit has helped :D
i am happy to wait, i think the fact she flew to me today was amazing :D and i didn't have millet or anything on me it was just boring old me, she left her millet lol,

i think the shoulder thing will take time but i have ways of keeping her away from my shoulder distraction works with her,

she now wolf whistles, not on command or when i do just when she feels like it :D i think she is gonna be a bit more of a free spirit then totally trained but i think i like her that was
i think he might be, i have emailed the breeder to check as i might have just ashumed she was a she

i dont know how they dna test them or if its painfull but as im not a breeder and dont need to know 100% it would be a bit of a waste, of time and money i am happy with her and she makes the ocasional noise lol
thank you :D the breeder said that she has the smae marking as her mum so ashumed she was a she
yeah :D i will keep an eye on her, today she was fighting with her toy i am just glad it wasnt my hand lol
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