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Elijahfan - A diary for day to day posting.

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I've made this thread for Elijahfan to post her trials and tribulations in training her baby tiel. We can all add our bits of advice in this thread as and when she needs them. I think this will be better than having so many threads with so much advice everywhere. I'm finding it difficult to see what thread I posted whatever in!! Hope this helps you Elijafan.
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If she is wolf whistling....she is a he. But on the odd occasion a female can and will whistle. But if it hasn't took Jo Jo long to get this wolf whistle right then it is more of a chance that she is a he! :D
And also Jo Jo as a name can be for male or female! :p

It looks like you are going the right way with the training! :) Good Luck!
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