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Eggs Galore

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Looking for advice as always.

A few weeks ago Jax laid 2 eggs. She showed no interest in them at all. We left them for about 10 days and then removed. About 4 days later she laid another. She has shown no interest in this either. We removed it today and she has laid another egg. It feels like we are going round and round. What should we do.

Someone local who breeds cockatiels has said that based on her behaviour (hissy, scared of hands etc)that it is likely that she is actually an old hen. Does this sound right? We were told she was 5 months which would now make her about 8 months. But since we have had her she hasnt moulted. Could she be a much older bird than we were told. And what the heck do we do about the eggs.

We are in progress of getting her a baby tiel as company for her cage. Just waiting on the breeder to get dna test to confirm the one we are getting is a female.

Any advice as always would be great. 👍
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A picture would help us identify its age snd maybe its gender i have a male cockatiel he is both hissy and afraid of hands, and a friend of mine has a female which is soo tame, it doesn’t always depend on their behavior
There you go. And surely a girl as laying eggs?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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