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Eggs after Egg Removal Surgery

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On Saturday, Marco a two year old chronic egg layer laid the first egg of her next clutch. By Tuesday she still didn’t have another, so I took her to the vet where they said the egg was rather large and he would need to do surgery to remove it. Fortunately, Marco came out of the surgery and was actually incredibly active right away. But now I’m wondering if I should expect more eggs right away, or if maybe the surgery interrupted this clutch. If you have any experience with this, or any ideas, please please let me know.
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Update: Marco has laid an egg today, right on schedule with the clutch that caused the binding. Originally it would have been Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. She either skipped from post surgery stress or had Wednesday’s removed like I believe the dr said he did. Thank goodness, I no longer have to worry, a Christmas Miracle. Happy Holidays to all!!
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