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Egg issues

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My hen laid 4 eggs, one had a collapsed air cell and one was cracked into the membrane on the 4th day. She has two left, both are doing well and staying warm, however I cannot see a visible embryo when i candle them. They are still red and i can see some movement, but i cannot see the shape of an embryo at all. A few days ago, the shape was present and you could see the hearts beating. Is it possible they have died? This is my first time letting my tiels breed and i dont know if i should worry or if i am being overbearing.
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It's probably OK. As you get closer to hatch time, it's harder to see inside the egg. The embryo is filling up a lot more of the space, so not as much light can pass through. It may become hard to even tell whether it's red or brown inside. There have been several times that I thought an egg might have died, but everything was fine and the chick hatched out normally.
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