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Edy videos!

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Yep! Now you get to see my precious gray lady in action! :D Five seconds of her doing flappies in her old cage. Painfully dark because my room seems to have unpredictable lighting when I'm using the camera. Maybe I should try the living room (then you get the bonus of hearing whatever TV show I'm watching :p)... if you can see it, though, it's a cute scritchy vid. ^-^
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Those are really cute! :D She was really enjoying that head scratch.
Aww what a sweat heart. At lease she has time for scritches. Mine last about 10 seconds and hugs finds something better to do.
that was cute :) she looked like she was really getting into the head scratches
:( Youtube is blocked at work...I'll try to watch it when I get a chance at home...
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