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Hello. I’ve got a bird at 10+ years old, he’s been going to the vet for the last three months due to a respiratory infection and an eye problem. He was given Enrofloxacin 1/10th tablet daily for 2 weeks and Tobramycin Ophthalmic for a week. He started looking a lot better but he started reverting not as bad as before but still sick. The vet said he probably just needs to be on the meds longer. So for another week I gave him Tobramycin and the Enrofloxacin extended for 3 weeks. Then a month later Sunshine shows no signs
Symptom wise Sunshine was sneezing, fluffing, shivering, lethargic. His left eye has feather loss and looks watery compared to his other eye and he would keep it closed. After taking meds the first time, his eye opened up and he kept it opened while occasionally closing it but nothing like before. After a week off his meds he began closing his eye more once again and I called the vet and they recommended to extend his meds. After a month he showed no signs of getting better eye wise and even started up with the same symptoms after the 3 weeks.
I called the vet again and they said they were going to try a new med. I had to wait for the medicine to be shipped. Which took about a week.
The vet prescribed the Doxycycline(liquid) at .25ml once daily for 45 days. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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