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I really, really hate having to resort to a forum for this but the earliest I can get her to the vet is tomorrow. It's a freak accident and I feel so horrible about it. In the end our young dog ended up getting a hold of my girl and caused some injuries. I know how serious just losing a few drops of blood can be, so I'm trying to get any information I can. The accident happened late last night, and she has been drinking quite a bit, but not eating since.( only took a seed or two from my hand ) I can't find anywhere where she is actively bleeding and she is climbing on me fine, no legs or toes seem injured. Her wings seem okay.. but she has been too tired to fly or stretch much so I'm not positive. Antibiotic cream was put on any spots I could see.. the feces part of her droppings are a very dark green, consistency like firm mushy lettuce..? She is on a seed diet, I've been trying to introduce veggies but shes stubborn and has not had any for a few days. God I feel horrible. If anybody can help, please please do.
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