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Hello, my baby Fu (2 years 3 months old) has been a bit different these days. He is a bit more aggressive and does not want to come out of the cage although he used to love coming out and sitting with me. Since last 3 days, he bites my finger off when I try to take him out of the cage.

Two days ago, he had a sticky poop which was hanging from his vent. I checked for worms but I couldn't detect any, however, the poo was normal green but kinda elastic. However, it changed to normal. He's been a bit more sleepy these days, but he eats and drinks well. His weight is 79.2 g which I weighed a couple of minutes ago. His sleeping posture is also normal. He preens himself and his bonded pair pretty well. It has been more than a month and a half and they are still moulting but their heavy moult phase is over. He's been taking naps at every chance he gets to be in the cage which is not normal for him because he rarely tries to close his eyes and sleep even during heavy moult. He has been closing his left eye a lot but there is no discharge or any redness in his eyes so I think he does not have any eye infection.

However, today he had two sticky poops again so I immediately took him to the vet. Unfortunately, they do not do faecal examination here in my city (probably not even countrywide) but the vet did prescribe him worms medicine because I told him I suspected of worms due to the sticky poop. But I do not want to ingest him medicine in case he does not have worms hence I want to ask you guys for your opinion. So please look at these poo and let me know me if any of them are not normal.

Fu and rest of my BudTiel family is on mixed seed, pellets, fruits and vegetables diet. I have been very cautious of what I feed my babies so I give them different fruits and vegetables everyday. He had papaya in the morning today and green beans in the evening.

Here are the poo images.
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