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Do they need any regular medication?

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Do cockatiels need any kind of regular medication to be given to them once a month or year or however long? Can they get things like worms? Apparently my mom used to have budgies when she was little and they died of worms or something of the sort :S

- Liza
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Here is an article on parasites you can read, outdoor birds are more likely to get them, then an indoor bird ;)
They don't need any regular medication that I know of unless of course they are sick, some people give liquid vitamins but I don't, I think as long as there getting a balanced diet they don't need them.
Thanks, Laurago, that's good to know.
Thanks, Laurago, that's good to know.
Lizaveta sorry I forgot to put the article....LOL :p
here it is silly me :D

hmmm the link didn't work second time around here is another one in guess your interested in parasites in birds.
Hi Lizaveta. Tiels should not need any special meds or vitamins as long as they have a healthy diet and do not have any illnesses. As with any animal,bird..etc, there is a chance that they might get sick so always be prepared for a vet visit just in case. Laura gave u some great info.
It's sometimes a good idea to worm them once or twice a year, i often do. It can't hurt them. You can pick up worming treatment to put in their water for about $10 from a pet shop.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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