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Do I Use My Camera THAT Much?!?

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For AGES Bailee has been making this little sound "beep, beep, beep" just over and over as part of his chattering. I never really paid much attention to it, until yesterday. :p He was on my shoulder chattering and i was looking through photos on my camera, and what do you know, each time i press a button i hear that "beep, beep" sound coming not only from my shoulder, but also the camera!!! :p :rolleyes: It's the default canon camera sound effects, so i guess it would be the same on my old camera and dad's camera. :eek: Shows how often i take photos of my birdies.
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hehe....thats funny it amazes me the different noises they pick up and are so good at it :p
lol bea. Mine is pretty quite. I hate when they make noise.( the camera that is, hugs and slush quite, your kidding me) Makes them jump. Hugs don't really mimic much. I've heard him bark once and that was cause he was really mad at me.
Mine isn't a cannon, but it beeps, but in the settings it's got a option to shut it off ( the only thing that works right LOL)
LOL! That's funny-Bailee probably likes it and knows to pose when he hears that sound..
I know the sound!!! I have a Canon as well, lol, they really are funny in what they say!
That is so cute:D He must love the camera and the attention from it:p
All you will hear now is "beep beep beep" but it will be so cute!
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