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I keep posting :lol: but I just want to make sure that I have the best info so I can give the best life to my little boy. This is what I have right now, is this all I need?:

- food bowl
- water dish
- A Zupreem oat mix from my local bird store
- A seed blend form my local bird store
- Millet
- A swing
- A dangly wooden toy
- LOTS of little toys like wooden stars, a little shoe, a tiny rubber ball
- An edible perch
- A few dowel perches (not main perches)
- Cuttlefish bone holder and cuttlefish bone
- A mirror bird toy
- Mini Bird Kabob
- Cage scrubber
- Newspaper for the bottom of the cage
- A blanket to cover his cage at night
- The cage of course
- A carrier

I'm still going to buy him a rope perch and I will be bathing him in my sink, unless he doesn't like it, then I'll buy a spray bottle to mist him with.

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Sounds like a great start. Is the Zupreem food a pelleted diet?

This thread may give you some other tips on basic care for your new cockatiel.

I would advise against putting a mirror in Pirate's cage. They often view their reflection as another bird, and will bond with it instead of you.
The Zupreem mix has the Zupreem pellets and some oats and plants.
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